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A field full of festival lovers waiting for the moment to get crazy? A dance floor full of clubbers ready to dance the soles off of their shoes? D-Rashid does it for you easily. You want to dance? He serves. In the 10 years he has been behind the wheels now, he has brought music lovers from Amsterdam to the Caribean in a musical flow with his sexy and uplifting house sounds and exciting live-shows. 

17-year-old D-Rashid is following the footsteps of his musical heroes Todd Terry, Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez and dj Spin and does his first dj gig. Making women dance, men follow automatically, that's his challenge.

Because of his South American rhythms and house, D-Rashid formed a standard for latin house in Holland- a genre that 10 years later still is very popular. A good example for this fact, are the successful party's D-Rashid is a part of. Latin Village, for example, is one of the biggest house oriented festivals in Holland, and is created by using D-Rashid's style as a muse for its concept.

OK… Fast forward to 2009. D-Rashid keeps on developing his skills and keeps looking for new sounds, ideas and styles. His Brutal project, which he presented at Latin Village is a smashing hit. Brutal is night full of entertainment. This is a mix of house with live percussion and a steaming on stage act; ‘the professional Capoeira fighters of Grupo Capoeira Brazil’.

Nowadays he is a resident at Latin Village, Franchise and Nope is Dope, he has spinned at every well known dance festival in Holland, works together with Dance4Life and regularly has gigs abroad from France to the Caribean. Besides this, Rashid mixes the different sounds and styles that he gets in touch with and creates his own sound. He makes remixes, mix cds, and his own tracks. 

With great, such as “we run this” and “Tarzan” in cooperation with Kid Kaio on Sidney Samson's label “Samsobeats”, Dinda on the G-rex label in cooperation with Lilina Viera, D-Rashid keeps his fans begging for a releasedate

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