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House music has been around since the mid 80’s, give or take, and the changes it’s gone through are astounding. From vinyl, to cassettes, to CD’s, USB’s and iPods, the scene has changed dramatically. How DJs start their careers then, and 20 years later is not comparable. We can’t help but feel nostalgic to discover that the young Clyde Sergio Narain, born in 1979, used to record music from radio pirates and TV and then literally cuts the tapes with scissors to create his first remixes. DJ Chuckie got his artists name, because as a young boy he would be a real pain in the *ss, and got himself into a lot of trouble. So he quickly got the nickname from the evil doll from the film series Child’s Play. He got his first DJ gig when he was just 14, at Voltage club The Hague. Together with his brother he starts to organise events, which are quickly picked up by major Dutch event organisers such as Heineken Fast Forward, Pleasuredome and Dance Valley. Chuckie’s mix of House music with the music from his roots in Suriname, creates a whole new type of urban house, later known as Dirty House or Dutch House. He sets up his own Dirty Dutch records label in 2002 and quickly starts to produce music for other artists. But it is when in 2004 he teams up with 4N/ID&T that he travels through the Netherlands with his ‘The Dirty Dutch Tour’, which features guest performances by DJs such as Fedde Le Grand and Laidbake Luke. This turns him into a national phenomenon. His global stardom arrives when he teams up with LMFAO and he releases 'Let The Bass Kick In Miami B*tch'. Since then he’s gone worldwide with his Dirty Dutch concept, headlining everywhere from Marquee Las Vegas to Green Valley Brazil, and events such as Ultra Festival Miami and Tomorrowland Belgium. Children shouldn’t play with scissors, but we’re glad this little rascal did.

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