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We drink Vodka, we love Disco & Future House

SHMLSS consists of Bart and Michiel, two vibrant young city guys who connected with each other through the Disco sound they both love. Always searching for those rare gems in dark, dusty old record stores, they often come home with the same records! Although the first two or three tracks of their sets are usually pre thought of, the remainder is chosen on the spot, resulting from the interesting mix of their personalities. Always carrying the latest (or oldest) vinyl’s and cd’s, they always find a way to surprise the audience and themselves with a mixture of old classics and new edits.

Starting out in a local bar in Utrecht, the Netherlands, SHMLSS quickly became the up-and-comer of Holland’s Dance scene. Just before their big breakthrough in the summer of 2012 they won a golden gnome for best new talent. They fully lived up to that promise, playing at over twenty festivals like the internationally recognized Pitch festival and the Solar weekend festival that summer. SHMLSS even played across Holland’s borders with their distinctive sound which they call Future-House. 

Future-House exists of a large portion of Disco, like you know from the early Disco days. Add some extra layers of bass and a large portion of just raw energy mixed with all that House goodness and voila! Future-House is born.

Right now the guys are hibernating in their studio, working on some crispy new SHMLSS originals and edits of old Disco tracks. Clocking 25 hours a day, you’ll be hearing that Future-House real soon!

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