Boris Werner

Aankomende evenementen


Known as an enfant terrible and serving as a radiant light of every after hour, but most of all he is notoriously known for his merciless productions. Yes, we are talking about the thrill seeker of his generation: Boris Werner. 
The Amsterdam based bad boy is not afraid to speak his mind and lets his fearlessness reflect in his music productions. Living weekend to weekend while having all kinds of musical escapades in between, this rock star’s music got widely recognized in the international music scene we call house. Over the last years he has created quite a stir for himself and he is well on his way to continue his rollercoaster of a ride. 
The first ten years of being a house music wild child skyrocketed Boris into playing most venues throughout Holland and abroad. Places and events like 11 (&dagger, Studio 80 (including legendary 10 and 11 hours sets), Rex, Voltt, 5 days Off, Tenax, Panoramabar, T/bar, Awakenings, Welcome To The Future, Sonne Mond und Sterne, WMC, Trouw, Sonar, ADE and closing the Lowlands Festival are on his long and ever evolving list of memorable gigs. 

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