Beesmunt Soundsystem

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The musical doublets David van der Leeuw and Luigi Vittorio Jansen are two talents from the city of Amsterdam who combined forces and got together in 2008. As a DJ and producer unit they began operating under the name Beesmunt Soundsystem and haven’t looked back since.

What sets them apart is their unique approach when they are in the DJ booth controlling the music and navigating the crowd. This distinctive style quickly caught the ears of Mo Manager, who decided to steer them in the right direction. Their versatility allowed them to play at a plethora of places, from bars to clubs, fashion shows to festivals.

At the mere age of 18, both gentlemen had already earned their own residency at the famous Paradiso venue. As the rep grew bigger, so did the crowds, the parties and the festivals (Lowlands, Welcome to the Future, Amsterdam Dance Event, Voltt.), even taking them across the border: Paris, Cannes, Berlin, Antwerp, Istanbul, Lausanne, Bern, just a selection of places they have blessed with their original sounds. This progress in the realms of dance music also inspired the fellows to advance and develop their own productions and remixes.

By building their own studio in the centre of Amsterdam, The Beesmunt Soundsystem now had a place to experiment and evolve. Studio neighbor Tom Trago, a well respected DJ and producer himself, was now at hand to provide further guidance in the world of house music the duo fell in love with. The first Beesmunt Soundsystem EP is a fact, and has been released through Amsterdam-based house label SoWeSo Music.

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