Knife Party

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Epiphanies, when reading the stories on accomplished artists you hear a lot about them. That one defining, heavenly moment that changed everything. For Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen it was when they heard Konflict’s 'Messiah' that they vowed to each other to enter the drum & bass scene. So as far as epiphanies go, this one can be filled under the ‘very ironically’ category. Originally together as a metal band, the roughness of the genre can still be very much heard in the duo’s current music. They achieved their first success not as Knife Party though, but under the name Pendulum, 2005 saw the release of their album ‘Hold Your Colour’ and the album did well. Same for the duo’s second album ‘In Silico” and their third; ‘Immersion’. Knife Party arrived at the scene on the 5th of August 2011 when the DJs made their first public appearance under the name at Space Ibiza. That same year they released Knife Party's first album ‘100% No Modern Talking’. Their moment of bliss arrived in 2012 when they released the track ‘Antidote’ vs Swedish House Mafia. The song reached the top 50 in over 9 countries, letting the EDM scene know that they had arrived. With global recognition come global performances. Knife Party has performed at clubs such as Mansion Miami, Amnesia Ibiza and The Guvernment in Toronto. Of course, the crowds at massive events such as Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas and Ultra Music Festival have all heard the ‘drop’m hard’ beats of this Australian duo. The future of these two looks bright; especially when it looks like that their epiphany must have had some divine intervention.

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