Aankomende evenementen


These gentlemen have been widely known for some years now within the Amsterdam club scene. The pounding floor-fillers of KERK! have ensured that they have become top-of-mind by the Dutch party crowd.

Thanks to their positive energy and tight DJ sets KERK!-Boys (Robert Mulder and Juri Mirales) gained various residencies. Both WKND (Studio 80) and Backstage (Chicago Social Club) get their montly doses beats now by “KERK!”. They work closely with Amsterdams finest house producers like Lauhaus, Brand!, Du Chatinier and Francesco Robustelli. One would be wise to keep a close eye on this upcoming youngsters.

The success these boys relish reaches far beyond dance floors of clubs. Last summer KERK! & Du Chatinier already rocked several festivals and produced their first remix on the legendary OFF Recordings. Upcoming December, the first EP of these young musicians will be released on the Spanish Movements Label.

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