Genairo Nvilla

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As a producer and performing artist the name Genairo Nvilla already impressed the music industry. 
With his tribal/tech influence, specific drums, snares and build-ups in his productions, Genairo Nvilla got the nickname King of Drums. 
Genairo Nvilla knows how to touch a wide audience, with both rave rocking and booty-shakin energy. 
The signature sound of King of Drums he owns was born in the Netherlands. 
After he gave it his own twist, the world was amazed how he created a new genre that rocks on any dance floor or festival.

After his set on Dirty Dutch, he was determined for more. 
Genairo Nvilla got his own event that will be launched at the Amazone Project. 
This first King of Drums event in Amsterdam is the official kick-off.

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