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Secretly everyone is drawn to mystery and nothing is more alluring t han an anonymous producer. Exploited's Claptone are no exception. Yet after just two releases they are already riding high on the pinncacles ofsuccess. At the time of writing, "Cream" is sitting happily in t he Beat port T op 10, where it has been nesting contently for the past two months. It's upbeat, deep house party grooves have been filling the DJ boxes of thousandsworldwide." (Beatportal)The mysterious Claptone first burst onto the scene 5 months ago with an EP titled "She Loves You" featuring 4 tracks of soulful house perfection. Alt hough not much is yet known ot her t han he wears a long, pointed-nose facemask to hide his identity, he's offto a great start with tracks as golden as these. Definitely an artist worth following. The next EP for Exploit ed is already finished and will be released in June.Tracks from Claptone have been supported by everyone from DJ Hell, to A-Trak, DJ Sneak, Soul Clap, Solomun, Azari&III, Hot Chip, Noir, Julio Bashmore, T ensnake, Eats Everything, Matthew Dear and Tim Sweeney.Reminiscent of the super patient, minimal, and downright seductive bootlegs that Soul Clap was pushing out a couple of years ago (see Extravaganza, Sex In the Kitchen, and Rock the Boat) the new release from the mysterious act Claptone entitled "Cream" utilizes the same tension and release tantra-esque production techniques with great success. Sampling one of the most recognizable piano intros from the 90's hip hop cannon (Wu Tang's "C.R.E.A.M." if you haven't already figured out), Claptone twist this nostalgic loop into a deep house dancefloor filler. Released on the steadily incredible Exploited Records imprint, this track has been popping up in sets from the aforementioned Soul Clap to house maestro, DJ Sneak. Now the video promo for the release is just downright weird...silent films, clowns, ballerinas...DJHell: "Cream is the first clubhit in 2012."