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Blawan is the creation of Yorkshire bred Acid house revivalist Andrew Ryce. Being snapped up by belgian techno label R&S, he has produced his first EP  for them titled "Bohla".

Being naturally gifted on the drums, his sound borrows a considerable amount from this skill, using it fully without caution. Raucous crashes of block percussion almost overshadow the organic wobbles, but turn out to work in complete harmony. This eccentric mix of dubstep and acid does not seem plausible on paper, but Blawan blends both, mixing faded vocal samples creating a hybrid with two almost contrasting genres.

Remixing for Warp (The Hundred In The Hands), his new tracks are compelling interest from the likes of Ben UFO, Pariah, James Blake and Ramadanman.

With only three tracks on "Bohla", you can't quite help feel we have only just been given a small slice of musings from an artist tipped to reinvent dubstep as we know it.

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