Afro Bros

Aankomende evenementen


Started from a job as promoters for party's in several clubs. Rashid Badloe & Giordano Ashruf came in touch with all kinds of house music and it became their favorite style of music.

After watching other deejays in clubs during their work , they asked themselves the question: Why aren’t we standing there! And so it began...

They teamed up as deejays and came up with the name “Afro Bros”! Why? Because of their big hair ofcourse! They learned deejaying watching the deejays in the club they were working and watched educative video’s on YouTube. Their first gigs came soon where they could experience the art of deejaying, each time improving their skills as deejays.

They got more and more gigs to prove themselves as deejays and tried giving the name “Afro Bros” a spot in the world of deejays. They never stopped and kept on pushing to accomplish their goals.

With their combined strengths and their ability to sense each other during sets, they bring a true passionate and an entertained performance which you won't forget so quickly.

Nowadays, Afro Bros is a well known name in the world. Their music productions and performances are injecting their love for music in the world and they will continue to do so!