Wouter de Moor

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DJ and Producer Wouter de Moor is one of those guys who conquers the world with a smile. Labeled by many as the ideal son in law, but known by his direct surrounding as a person of unlimited energy, drive and enthusiasm for dance music in all its forms and with all its side-effects. He makes a very decent house tune himself, which shows when one inspects his discography. The list of releases is now growing at a steady pace with tracks on various big imprints. From Amsterdams Bla Bla and Remote Area, to 90 Watts and Paco Osuna's Spanish Mindshake, label owners are all very pleased to welcome him to their firms. Naturally this has lead to a packed dj-agenda with gigs all over Holland, but also in South Korea, China, Spain, London and the infamous Cocoon club in Frankfurt. His unstoppable appetite for technical improvement and musical development combined with an open-minded attitude obviously made him a favorite among people who like to dance all over the world and seem to be setting him up for a long-lasting career!

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