Aankomende evenementen


Amsterdam house legends Quazar return with a slamming new 12-inch on Bla bla records: the Number One ep. The vinyl release consists of two vintage Quazar versions of the title track plus a rocking remix by one of the bright new stars on the Dutch tech-house firmament: dj and producer Juan Sanchez, who made his name with a string of great releases for Great Stuff, Noir and Kling Klong.

Quazar has been at the forefront of the Amsterdam techno and house-scene since the early nineties. Formed by producer Gert van Veen in 1990, the group made its name with its first 12-inch: The Seven Stars, which propelled Quazar to international fame. Seven Stars was followed by some 25 releases (including 5 albums) for labels like Go Bang!, Bush, Seven Stars and Superstition.

Fast forward to the new century, where Quazar finally decides the time is right to release some new music. First, in 2009, came the groovy ‘Space thing’ - a one off for Remote Area, released on the Remote Areas ep. And now theres a full 12-inch for Daniel Sanchez Bla Bla records.

Number One has been a Quazar live favourite for ages, but although a first recording of the track already was made in 2005 (the A2 version), it would take almost five years before the wheels were finally set in motion resulting in this release. After hearing Number one during a Quazar live-concert, Juan Sanchez convinced van Veen that he should be given the chance to produce a remix. The result, the loud and pumping Klappertjepomper remix takes the track to big room techno territory. 

The Music speaks so loud-version (A1) reflects the Quazar-sound of the year 2010: classic and pure, with a minimal arrangement driven by a classic synth (the legendary ARP Odyssey) and some groovy 909 beats. The second version (with fine visuals courtesy of vj Bas Icke) is the orginal recording from 2005, rescued from the Quazar vaults by Daniel Sanchez himself. The fourth track (digital only) is the acid-tinged Braindamage, another Quazar live favourite that never was released before.