Luke Slater

Aankomende evenementen


After releasing four full length Planetary Assault Systems albums on Peacefrog back in the nineties, Luke Slater ascended to the majors with the release of 'Freek Funk' on NovaMute in 1997, a modest milestone of latter-day techno, the album 'Wireless' followed two years later. His first volume of the mix series Fear and Loathing appeared in 2001 on the React label. 'Alright on Top' from 2002 was an album of songs released on Mute Song with the second volume of Fear and Loathing appearing in late 2004 and his contribution to the Fabric mix CD series being released in 2007.

Luke's Planetary Assault Systems guise bursted back onto the forefront of the scene in 2009 with his 'Temporary Suspension' album released on Ostgut Ton, and brought back some of the traditional, purist values back to the techno landscape. The human embodiment of the cyclical nature of music, Slater's many incarnations have, at various points in his career, come to define techno. In 2011 the veteran producer emerged from his Spacestation Ø UK studio to release his second P.A.S album on Ostgut Ton; 'The Messenger'. Through hypnotising tracks like 'Beauty in the Fear', 'Bell Blocker' or 'Human Like Us' that churn and undulate in addictive tension, to heavy club workouts like the thundering 'Rip The Cut', ‘Kray Squid’ or the riotous 'Cold Bolster', Slater has created a highly critically praised electronic album which is as listenable as it is challenging, memorable and progressive and continuous to receive heavy club rotations from peers and fans worldwide.