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In less than one year time Korsakoff managed to create a whole new subgenre within the dance scene. If we say Powerrave, you say Korsakoff. In the meantime, she recorded two top ten videos, produced a prestigious mix album and played at venues all over Europe. The album entitled The Sound of is released in the spring of 2006, together with some surprising 12’’ vinyl releases, wallpapers, powertones (for cellphone), videos available for download and exclusive freeloads.

Last but certainly not least, the uncrowned Queen of Powerrave found time to sign two talented designers for her own haute couture label. Handmade pieces exclusive to this dancevamp, and not only clothing. There are beautiful jewelery and other accessories to support the Funky Fabrics too…..

The secret of her success? Dedication and determination, dj Korsakoff never sleeps!

Lindsay van der Eng alias DJ Korsakoff is one of the rising stars in the international dance scene. With her first hit single Separated World (2001), she impressed party people as well as the music industry. After the release of the tracks Tamara and My Empty Bottle, Korsakoff obtained the status of a well respected producer in the Netherlands. Her popularity increased explosively when the tracks Unleash the Beast and Stardom became instant hits and occupied the number one position in the Box-Charts for over two months. Her success didn’t stay unnoticed abroad, Korsakoff gets massive support in countries like Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, France and Germany.

Korsakoffs style is mainly focused on the dance floor and that is probably why her performances are appealing to a broad audience. Her music can be described as Powerrave: a unique, melodic, energetic crossover between different styles of house music. Intelligent combined forces: the melody of hardtrance, the pounding beats of hardcore and the energetic rush of rave. Powerrave is music made for massive venues and finds its origin in the dominating labels of the early/mid nineties, like the German based Dance Ecstasy 2001 label, Dance Opera and Bonzai-records. But also tracks like Drax-Amphetamine (Trope recordings can be submitted to Lindsay’s list of influences.

Lindsay van der Eng was born on July 25, 1983 in Akersloot, a small village near Amsterdam. As a child, Lindsay rather climbed trees than play with dolls. Doing ‘boys-stuff’ and talking boys-talk would later on come in handy, since the music industry is still a testosterone dominated world.

Following her debut (Masters of Hardcore 2004), Korsakoff played on parties in the Hemkade 48 venue in Zaandam. Soon after she was asked to appear at Thunderdome. Here she shared her choice of records with 19.500 people at the Jaarbeurs Congress Centre in Utrecht. Dj Korsakoff still plays at several 10.000 plus venues nowadays, with an ever growing audience following her every move.

In 2005 Korsakoff was asked to present her vision on music by delivering a mix for the 3xHarder mix-cd series released by Digidance. This album contains mixes from various major genres within the dance scene, represented by the true leading forces of each style: a jumpstyle mix by DJ Ruthless, a hardstyle mix by The Prophet and DJ Korsakoff producing her Powerrave mix.

With her first two releases in the brand new Powerrave series, The Powerrave Experience and Audioholic, Lindsay successfully continued producing a unique sound. Recently DJ Korsakoffs third release in the Powerrave Records series came out on white label. My empty bottle (the remixes) is a project that contains the original track plus three very divers remixes by Brian NRG ‘hardstyle crown prince&rsquo, Deimos & 100 Kilo Maarten (Industrial Shock) and DJ D (Italian Melody man).

DJ Korsakoff gained a loyal and steady fan base. In France there is a soccer team called the Korsaboys!

Korsakoff is ranked highest newcomer in the Dutch Release Dance Awards 2005. Placed at 28 and in October 2006 she went to Turkey for a shoot in the magazine, FHM. All this makes DJ Korsakoff one of the fastest rising stars of the scene. You will hear a lot of Powerrave in the near future!

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