Hardshock Festival 2015

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Hardshock Festival 2015 - 100% Hardcore and Harder!

"Real Hardcore without boundaries. Dedicated to Those Who stay true to our Movement".

The anticipation is indescribable as we await one of the best parties of the year - one that Hardcore lovers from all over the world come together to celebrate; 'Hardshock Festival'. We all know that feeling when you step onto the festival grounds; you hear the bass line rumbling in the distance and you feel that insatiable euphoria in the moment that you realize festival season has begun! Let go of all of your stress, grab your friends and loved ones and come experience the feeling that only Hardshock can give you. Need more convincing as to why you need to kick off your 2015 festival season with Hardshock?! Have a gander at the official trailer, accompanied by a taste of this years Hardshock anthem!

Trailer: https://youtu.be/3_3d6BfFMgs

Hardshock Festival 2015 Double CD Compilation

Our organization has created yet another incredible double mixed CD for your listenening pleasure. This year, we have the legendary Ruffneck (CD1) and the beat-bashing Chrono (CD2) mixing this must-have compilation. Curious about the tracklist? Well, we can assure you that its received nothing but rave reviews already! So, put yourself out of your misery and check the link to find out who's been featured and how you can score your own copy of the brand new Hardshock Festival 2015 double CD compilation right here, right now: www.highenergymerchandise.com. This CD will also available in limited quantities at the festival itself.

Pre-Order Merchandise?! Yes Please!

Exciting! The awesome and exclusive new 2015 merchandise for Hardshock Festival is now availabe for you to get your hands on! You can choose to have it delivered in April or you can choose to pick it up at the Hardshock merchandise booth when you're at the party. Click here to order your merchandise right away! Note: The new merchandise is extremely limited so don't wait too long to order your cool new jacket or t-shirt! Click here to order your merchandise right now!

Official 2015 Hardshock Festival Anthem by Amnesys

Amnesys had the distinct honour of creating the official anthem for this years edition of Hardshock Festival! Like every year prior, the anthem will have your blood rushing, your feet stomping and your hands in the air absorbing every exquisite sound that radiates from it. This year is absolutely no different! Did Amnesy's live up to the challenge of creating yet another amazing anthem?! You be the judge! "Get ready for the Shockwave"! Official Anthem 2015: https://youtu.be/-QICC63Anb4

Promotional Mixes

Do you desire to get in the mood for Hardshock Festival 2015? As if you weren't excited enough already! From now on, Hardshock Festival will upload new promotional mixes from your favourite artists every week! The first mixes are already available from Wavolizer, Destructive Tendencies and Andy the Core! So run over to our official Soundcloud page and press play on your favourite mix! Oh, and be sure to follow Hardshock Festival on Soundcloud so that you are the first to know when a new mix has arrived!

Tha Playah: http://bit.ly/promothaplayah

s’Aphira: http://bit.ly/promosaphirahsf

Painbringer: http://bit.ly/promopainbringerhsf

Andy The Core: http://bit.ly/promoatc_hsf

Destructive Tendencies: http://bit.ly/promodt_hsf

Wavolizer: http://bit.ly/promowavolizerhsf


The pre-sale of Hardshock Festival tickets is in full swing. Still haven't got yours? What on earth are you waiting for?! Buy your tickets today at www.hardshockfestival.com! Tickets cost € 44.50 (ex.fee). The minimum age for Hardshock Festival is 16 years.

Don't miss the opportunity to miss out on the best festival this season; Hardshock!

Hardshock Festival - The Afterworld

Saturday April 18, 2015 - 12:00 - 00:00 hrs

Wijthmenerplas, Zwolle (NL)